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January 8-10, 2020
The Meritage Resort and Spa | Napa, CA


Create Winning Facebook and Instagram Video Ads

Discover the secrets of creating high-converting video ads on Facebook and Instagram. In this intermediate-level session, you’ll learn what every multifamily marketing team needs to know. Key Takeaways from This Session • How to time your message for maximum impact • The one key element your ad must have • Learn to position your solution…
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Instagram Success: How to Outsmart Algorithms and Use Analytics

Instagram has over 1 billion active users and over 60% of those users are millennials. More than 80% of millennials say renting is more affordable than owning a home? If you are looking to connect with those millennials online then Insta is where you need to be! However, the ever-changing algorithms and analytics can be…
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Google’s Head of Industry, Home and Consumer Services to Speak

Shawn McGahee, Head of Industry, Home and Consumer Services at Google, will share key consumer behaviors and trends and opportunities in social marketing.  In this session, he will identify audience opportunities, how you can leverage YouTube, and provide marketing strategy recommendations drawing on his vast experience in deciphering analytics. Shawn is tenacious about performance. While…
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How to Create “Thumb-Stopping” Social Media Content

Are declining attention spans killing your social media engagement? Mobile devices have become an indispensable aspect of daily life. These days people scroll through their social newsfeeds so fast that you could spend hours crafting the perfect post, and still have people swipe on by without noticing it. We’re living in a new marketing era.…
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A Content-Driven Approach to Conversion Optimization

Driving traffic is hard work. And it’s wasted work if your site doesn’t convert your visitors into leads and residents. So why aren’t more of your visitors becoming leads? We’re going to breakdown the main factors in terms you haven’t heard before. It begins and ends with content. After planning 1000+ websites over the last…
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Andrew Davis’ Keynote in 2020: The Curiosity Factor

Andrew Davis, the highest-rated and most exuberant speaker from 2019, will be talking about the curiosity factor in his 2020 keynote. The psychological phenomena creative brands employ to earn and own attention in a noisy world. Attention in today’s online world is harder and harder to garner than ever before. Our tenants, prospects, and even…
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Social Strategies Learned

Social Strategies in 2019 Multifamily Social Media Summit By: Kristin Van Ramshorst Yardi returned as an exhibitor and sponsor of the Multifamily Social Media Summit (MFSMS) last week in Napa, California. The annual event provided a space for multifamily professionals to learn about the latest trends in social media marketing. Keep reading for conference takeaways…
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How To Win At Multifamily Social

When you read an article with tips to help you succeed on social media, it’s probably geared toward the usual suspects: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter… maybe LinkedIn or Snapchat. But your residents and prospects are sharing feedback and interacting across multiple platforms, not just the “traditional” social media channels. For multifamily property marketing, the reality…
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Social Media Rule Breaker and Rocker Keynotes

Announcing Friday’s Keynote: The Rule Breakers Guide To Social Media We all have a little rule-breaker in us! Damian continually questions certain rules we have been taught to follow when it comes to marketing and advertising. Crammed full of expert anecdotes, stories, tips and advice to help you get ahead in this new ‘creative age’!…
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Embrace Your Loyalty Loop

Keynote: The Loyalty Loop – How small things add up to big business We spend a lot of time telling our prospective tenants how different we are. But conduct an online search for a rental property in any market, and you’ll quickly find that we all look and sound the same. We ALL have images…
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