Keynote: Get Bigger Results with Content that Connects

Announcing Our Opening Keynote Jay Acunzo

Jay Acunzo is on a mission to help others make what matters. He’s the cofounder of the Creator Kitchen, where content marketers learn to become effective storytellers, and he’s held media and marketing roles at ESPN, HubSpot, Google, a tiny startup, and a top-tier VC firm. When he’s not working behind the scenes as a creative coach with experts, entrepreneurs, and marketers, Jay writes books, gives speeches, and hosts the popular podcast, Unthinkable. His grandest aspiration and probably delusion is to become the Anthony Bourdain of the online creator space.

Keynote Talk: The Urge to Act: How to Stop Shouting into the Void and Get Bigger Results with Content that Connects

Despite what social media would have you believe, “reach” is overrated. Results come from resonance.

Whether you want to retain residents or attract new ones, inspire your team or own the room during high-stakes moments, we have to embrace one hard truth:

It’s not what you KNOW that causes them to act. It’s what you SAY.

What you say (and how they feel about it) determines whether or not they act.

In this fast-paced, inspiring talk, author and podcast host Jay Acunzo will take us inside the process of how the world’s best storytellers tweak their delivery to ensure they resonate deeper, stand out easier, and produce higher-impact content more consistently.

What would it take to ensure more of our work actually worked? We have to get off the hamster wheel and produce more valuable, more original content — content that inspires action.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  1. How to compete on the power of your ideas, not the volume of your content
  2. A storytelling structure to amp the efficacy of your words, wherever you show up
  3. How to produce higher-impact content, without magically adding resources

What Our Attendees Say About the Event

The Multifamily Social Media Summit has quickly become my favorite event to attend — the intimacy of the venue enhances the ability to make meaningful, productive, and lasting connections. The conference covers more than just social media marketing but all the salient issues related to social and digital marketing featuring competent speakers from both inside and outside the industry.
-Daniel Paulino, Vice President of Digital Marketing, Bozzuto

Besides being held in the pristine setting in Napa, the conference is much more than that. It’s a 3-day period where the best social media marketers and those wanting to learn more on a variety of topics, gather to discuss and celebrate the platforms that help build us brands, maintain connectivity to audiences and influence buying decisions. It’s a fun, well-organized and meaningful conference that all marketers should plan on attending.
-Jessica Mancuso, Vice President of New Developments | Student, Asset Living

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