Google Tips and Strategies According to Google

Google is in the house! Riva Akolawala will share her wealth of knowledge and expertise on all things related to Google.

Topics you’ll learn about include:


  • What key metrics should we be looking for when assessing ads campaigns?
  • Privacy Centric Measurement: 3rd party Cookie deprecation in 2024 and what does this mean for advertising?
  • Enhanced Conversions: what are they, how do you set them up, why are they important?

Performance Max

  • What is Performance Max? How do we tailor it to certain locations?
  • Best Practices and Case Studies: what assets and creatives should you use

About Riva

Riva Akolawala is a keen marketer who is known for creative problem solving, strong analytical skills, and delivering on strategic outcomes for internal & external stakeholders. Currently, Riva is an Account Manager at Google, specializing in Lead Generation for SMBs.

Having worked with 1,000+ clients since her start at Google in 2021, Riva has shaped strategic initiatives for tens of thousands of Ads accounts. Hailing from an agency background, Riva uses her product expertise to tackle complex business challenges & goals, and ultimately help advertisers scale while maintaining profitability.

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