Streamline Your Brand. Strategize Your Social Media. Sign Leases.

Tired of Posting? Do This Instead! Pause + Build A Strategic Social Brand

Streamline Your Brand. Strategize Your Social Media. Sign Leases.

Do you feel like you have spent an incredible amount of time, energy + money building your property?

Now you are facing yet another battle…this one is proving to be the tricky (and most important) – marketing your properties on social media to sign those leases.

You are following all the “rules” to social media – posting consistently, making sure your feed is aesthetically pleasing but for some reason, it is not converting to your goal in dollars. You need a better way. Your marketing team is tired and you are clear that there is a disconnect in your brand positioning within the marketplace.

You want consistent, in-bound leases signed with ideal clients (with perfect credit and a clear background report).

BUT you are in the weeds of your business that you don’t know how to fix it. You know you need to be seen as a “go-to” and desirable leader on social media for ideal tenants to reach out to you, trust you and sign with you.

But you don’t know how to…

What You’ll Learn

Key Takeaways

  • Identifying your “special factor” + how to socially market it to sign leases
  • 3 secrets on the psychology behind social media marketing
  • 5 bullet points to write a converting Instagram Biography
  • Landing + leveraging top tier influencer partnerships
  • 1-2-3 Approach to standing out in an oversaturated market

Simply put, you are over-posting, running in circles trying to create content – and the sales are not where you want it to be. You don’t have the clarity and unique strategy to make it all happen.

You need to step back, pause, stop posting so a new social strategy can be built. This time – one that clearly markets your genius, strategically positions you as the “go-to” in your niche, and one that blows the competition out of the water.

About the Speaker


rachael-bozsik-pause + build a strategic social brand

Rachael Bozsik is a Harvard Business School Speaker and Strategic Branding Coach within the home industry (featured in 40+ national press outlets from Forbes to Glamour and everywhere in between) who specializes in coaching companies + individuals within the home industry to strategize brand clarity to build a social platform and community that converts to powerful sales. Rachael was born and raised in the industry, her parents owned a multi-family leasing and property management company. Her first year in college she became a licensed realtor and attended High Point University dual majoring in Entrepreneurship and Interior Design. The home industry is in her blood. In this session, Rachael walks you through her signature coaching system on how to transform how your brand is perceived online, build social proof while converting leases by re-thinking the positioning of your brand.

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