Facebook is in the House

Manny Walton, Client Solutions Manager at Facebook and Tiffany Wang, Client Partner in Real Estate at Facebook will present on the topic entitled “Navigating the Evolving Social Media Landscape – Facebook POV”

The State of the Industry from the Point of View of Facebook

Facebook has been at the forefront of protecting its user’s privacy, and privacy is vitally important in the multi-family space.

  • How has user protection evolved over the past year, specifically in the multi-family space?
  • There are notable improvements to protecting user’s privacy and important changes to how FB allows partners to target users.
  • How does this change the way people leverage FB to target users on their various platforms?
  • Protecting user privacy is clearly a priority at Facebook, and it looks like this will remain a major focus next year.
  • What are some additional changes that we might see in 2020?
  • Discuss the current and future state of privacy on Facebook and take a  look at the latest on how the social media landscape is evolving.
  • What is Facebook’s point of view on how to successfully leverage their platforms in the multi-family space and how this is changing?

Introducing Our Two Speakers from Facebook

Manny Walton is a Client Solutions Manager in Real Estate at Facebook in San Francisco. His experience working in ad tech is preceded by an early tenure in marketing analytics where he helped construct statistical marketing mix and attribution models for CPG companies. Manny’s comfort with data and complex analyses allows him to deliver actionable marketing strategy recommendations spanning from big-picture ideation to granular technical optimizations. He has a broad experience working with a wide array of verticals on bringing marketing projects to full fruition.


Tiffany Wang is a Client Partner in Real Estate at Facebook. As a former CPA, her financial literacy partnered with her extensive background in ad tech enables her to help companies navigate the complex world of digital marketing and social media.  Tiffany leverages the power of consumer insights, data trends, and market research to consult clients on marketing strategy, creative, and measurement. She has broad experience working with rental portals, home builders, brokerages, agents, and home services.

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