Best Practices for Video Content Creation and Distribution According to Google

Video: A New World of Opportunity to Build Your Community, Manage Your Image, and Win Your Next Renter

This talk will address the current state of the video ecosystem and share core principles for how marketers can utilize video as a brand building tool across platforms and channels. We will focus on research based best practices for video content creation and distribution, while driving the most important metrics for your business.

Key or actionable takeaways that you can implement immediately:

  1. What changes to the video ecosystem mean for your video strategy
  2. Core principles for building effective video creative
  3. How to add process to branding in video creative
  4. Building the right models to measure the impact of your video content.
  5. Practical, research backed, tips on how to use video to drive brand metrics

About the Speaker

Dave Hoffman¬†joined Google 9 years ago, handling the Ford Motor Company’s Dealer program. Prior to that, he led account strategy for the Chevy Silverado and Suburban launches at the agency Goodby, Silverstien, and Partners. Since moving to Atlanta in 2019, Dave has partnered with RentPath from a National, Sales, and Technology standpoint to better leverage the power of their data to drive business results for their PMC Clients. Dave graduated with his MBA from Michigan State University.

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