Marketing Trends for a Better Buyer Journey

Join Us for a Power Panel: Marketing Trends for a Better Buyer Journey

Here’s the thing, we don’t believe in playing small — and neither should your marketing. Which is to say, if this next instruction sounds bossy, we say #leadership. Strike your best power pose. Put your hands on your hips, hands in the air, or do whatever you think a winner looks like. Need a hint: channel Simone Biles after she sticks her signature move, “the Biles.”

As a data-backed MarTech (marketing technology) partner, rest assured, we love the data behind power poses. Want the power pose CliffsNotes’ version? We got you. Boldly behaving like a boss and channeling confidence — makes you perform like one.

The buyer’s journey (and a lot of other things) has changed after the virus-that-must-not-be-named staged its world tour. This has given your marketing team more opportunities to connect with decision-ready apartment renters on their time, and online. To be blunt, we’re not going backward, so it’s about teaming up with best-in-class partners to amp up YOUR performance. How do you do this? Join our session and learn from the best of the best.


Listen in as Amanda Maclin, Vice President of Sales at G5, chats with panelists Crystal Tolen, Regional Vice President, Case & Associates, Courtney Smith, Marketing Director, Barrett & Stokely Management, LLC., Chrissie Rivers, Director of Marketing, Topaz Asset Management, and Alexis Murrell, Managing Director, Bellrock RealEstate Partners. They’ll share tactical, peer-proofed, marketing pro-tips. It’s on Thursday, July 15 from 2-2:45 PM. Be there, or be square. We’re all in it to win it — together.

Pre-Registration is closing July 8th – so here is your last chance to join us in Napa!

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