How to Use Short Videos for More Impactful Social Posts

Short video content has become one of the best ways to grow social media engagement. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube have taken TikTok’s lead to capture community attention. In just 60 seconds you can gain thousands or millions of views. Companies are gaining traction and making sales faster than ever before with quick clips.

Property management companies can capitalize on this trend by showcasing their properties in attention-grabbing videos. Viewers enjoy watching and sharing housing with unique amenities, stunning locations, and beautiful design. Unlike a static image, videos can literally zoom into to show details from many angles and put properties into action. Add in the audio experience of voice-over descriptions, sound effects, and/or catchy music and you’re on track for a viral sensation!

Join Whitney Lauritsen to learn how to:

  • Produce engaging and eye-catching content with any budget, equipment, and time constraint.

  • Create a distribution plan for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok that takes 30 minutes (or less) total.

  • Increase your chances of going viral by using hashtags, music, and content trends.

About Whitney Lauritsen

Whitney Lauritsen is a podcast host, social media advisor, and well-being coach and creator who shares lifestyle practices and product recommendations that improve the quality of body, mind, and planet. She explores mental health, mindful living, and sustainability on This Might Get Uncomfortable and, and advises creative entrepreneurs with digital marketing that amplifies their passions.

Passionate about business, Whitney advises creative entrepreneurs with digital marketing strategies that amplify their passions. She regularly coaches, consults, and presents on social media trends, influencer partnerships, and content monetization. A six-year stint teaching workshops at the Apple Store advanced her tech knowledge and experience. She has participated in business programs led by Google, Facebook, and Scripps Network. Recognized by her colleagues as a connector, Whitney has run numerous wellness industry events at YouTube Space, during the Natural Products Expo, and on Clubhouse app.

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