The Resident Voice Batters or Resident Voices Matter

The Importance of Timely Responses to Social Presence

By Hila Shpigelman

Now more than ever apartment communities are paying close attention to their online presence. As ratings and reviews continue to increase in importance, comments can drastically move the needle one way or the other. It’s critical to thoughtfully manage all comments – good or bad – to communicate that you actually care about what is being said about the property online.

The apartment landscape is an ever-evolving industry, as are resident expectations. Now add to that the element of social media, which has grown in epic proportions, and we are faced with the need to react and respond almost instantaneously. More and more studies demonstrate that residents cite reviews and social media channels as part of their process that influence their leasing decisions.

So what does this mean? Well, for starters, it’s imperative to increase awareness and traffic to your community sites. You can reach new prospects through targeted social ads using relevant content about your community which can be done with Community Rewards Social Media Ads platform, powered by Modern Message. These ads are designed to drive traffic to your website and social pages. With Social Media Ads, you can make sure you’re posting up-to-date, relevant and useful ad content. By allowing you to customize ad campaigns for your apartment community, you can increase your resident engagement.

Oftentimes residents take the extra time to post something negative rather than positive. If there is a legitimate problem on the property such as a pipe leak, take immediate action. Don’t let this be the only online mention about your community. Instead, do great things to encourage positive resident behavior so that they’ll write raving feedback. Use Community Rewards to communicate to your residents swiftly and ensure their voices are heard.

Turn a negative review into a positive one. How? By simply addressing the issue and ensuring that the issue is handled and resolved you are almost guaranteed to build trust with your residents, while increasing satisfaction that in-turn results in higher retention rates.

It’s all pretty easy! When residents are pleased with their apartment community, they are more inclined to brag about your amenities and their living experiences. And you should take advantage of that by showing them your appreciation.

For instance, engage your residents by incorporating your events into the Community Rewards app so that your residents will receive points for attending your events. Reward your residents for their cooperation with a resolution of an issue via the Custom Incentives Program, or simply give points to your residents for engaging in your community.

These are just a few ways to power appreciation. And that’s the end goal.

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