Improving Your Resident Engagement

Listen to your residents. You – and your residents – will be happy you did.

By Hila Shpigelman

Oftentimes the question is asked: how do I get my residents more engaged? How do I ensure a high level of satisfaction? How can we keep them happy?

First and foremost, let’s define resident engagement. It’s about winning the attention of residents and motivating them towards actions within a community. Modern Message specifies resident engagement from the perspective of building resident advocates. These pleased, but often silent residents, can serve as your greatest supporters. And with Community Rewards, powered by Modern Message, we can help you turn your residents into your own property champions.

When residents are engaged with their property, retention becomes natural. Happy residents increase the likelihood of lease renewals. Not to mention, high resident engagement can create a new opportunity for apartment communities to show their appreciation, bring in prospective residents, and create an enhanced living experience.

From studies we have conducted, it’s also evident that residents are looking to stay digitally informed with their community and kept aware of any upcoming events, or they simply want to easily provide feedback. And when residents offer suggestions it’s because they truly care. That’s why it’s important to give residents the opportunity to have a voice so they will continually feel heard, respected, and involved at your property.

Create a poll through Community Rewards to ask your residents their preference, then your decision will create a buzz within the community. Or if your team plans to host an onsite event, ask what type of event your residents want to attend so you can attain higher attendance coupled with a delighted audience.

When you initiate a conversation with your residents, they will gladly engage and interact with you and your team. Make residents feel that you truly care about them and incorporate a way of communication that includes residents at every step of the way. Doing this will result in higher retention rates, referrals and loyalty, and overall resident satisfaction – guaranteed.

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