10 Easy, Free and Engaging Ideas for Facebook Live Videos at Your Property

By Christina Singleton from Show Your Property

We all know how important video is, especially in this industry. And if you don’t know about the importance of video yet… Where have you been the last 5 years – the moon?! Whether you have a huge marketing budget or an empty pocket here are 10 ideas that any of your onsite staff can film, produce and host. ACTION!

1. Need some leases signed?
Simply Facebook live from the apartments you need to fill and build some urgency and hype around ‘the last 1 bedroom’.

2. Party on. Film from the next local party/street party/event.
To see a neighborhood alive with energy makes for a great, fun video.

3. Competition time!
Inform your followers that the winner will be revealed via Facebook at a certain date and time. Reveal the winner on a Facebook live video.

4. New onsite staff members?
Let’s meet them via Facebook live!

5. Respond to a Facebook comment, whether it was positive or negative.If the comment was angry then let viewers see and hear how sincere and personal the response is. And if the comment was positive then watch your video’s response sow the seeds of love!

6. Walkscore!
Show viewers how close the local café/restaurant/bar/yoga studio is by walking across the road and into the local business. Better still, prep the vendor and make sure they give a big friendly hello when you walk in.

7. Woof!
Meet the dogs in the dog park. Head out into the dog park at the busiest time of day and meet the onsite pooches!

8. Get creative.
Sip a cocktail (from a plastic cup), wear a pair of shades and a sombrero and Facebook live on a Monday morning showing your Residents what they’re missing out on 😉 Comedy wins, every time.

9. Birthday shout out.
Get your entire leasing team to sing happy birthday to one special resident on their big day. Imagine if this was done to you – you’d feel SO loved.

10. Get Physical: from the fitness center get busy with the equipment and Facebook live to highlight and remind your residents and future resident what you have to offer.

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