If you missed last year, here are the topics we covered in 2018!

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Vineyard Pre-function
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Vineyard Pre-function
Meritage Salons VII-X
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Vineyard Pre-function
Meritage Salons VII-X
Meritage Salons I-VI
Vineyard Pre-function
Meritage Salons VII-X
Meritage Salons I-VI
Vineyard Pre-function
Meritage Salons VII-X
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08:00 - 08:45
Breakfast with Exhibitors and Sponsors
08:00 - 18:00
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08:45 - 09:00
Welcome and Introduction

Adam Japko, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Esteem Media 

Adam Japko
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Esteem Media
10:00 - 10:45
Mastering Social Media Storytelling and Writing for Today’s Audiences Across Multichannels

Steve Crescenzo, Chief Executive Officer, Crescenzo Communications 

Smart organizations everywhere are taking advantage of social media to tell their most important stories to their most important audiences. In the age of social media, every organization is a publisher, which is leading to more and more content. If you want information to cut through the clutter, it has to be not just good, but great. Whether you create content yourself or just manage the process, in this session communications expert Steve Crescenzo will show you:

  • How to find, write and tell the kinds of stories that will enhance your organization’s image in the social media space . . . and in the real world
  • How to take the same content and make it work in different social media platforms
  • How to use social media channels to build community with your audiences
  • How to set your organization up as an industry expert using the latest social media channels.
Steve Crescenzo
Chief Executive Officer, Crescenzo Communications
10:45 - 11:30
Networking and Refreshment Break with Exhibitors and Sponsors
11:30 - 12:00
Social Media in Crisis and Hurricane Harvey

Kate Good, Sr. Vice President of Multifamily Development and Operations, Hunington Properties 

While many problems start with social media there are also times when social media can be your best tool in a crisis. Kate Good will discuss how Social Media became her best tool for surviving Hurricane Harvey. The end results will amaze you as the social conversation has turned into traffic and leases. This program will offer a road map for using social media in a crisis as well as leveraging good will for the greater good reflected in your bottom line.


12:00 - 12:45
Facebook Messenger for Business

Dylan Sellberg, Associate Product Manager, HubSpot 

Digital Marketers are all facing a similar uphill battle when it comes to distributing their digital content. Impressions are dwindling, open rates have decreased, and click-through-rates are abysmal. It’s time to switch up the approach. In this session, you’ll learn how Facebook Messenger may be the solution you need.

As the Facebook Messenger platform crosses into billions of users, businesses are vastly behind in the space. Join us for an exciting session where we will cover:
· Basics of Facebook Messenger for business
· How Facebook Messenger can impact your bottom-line
· Strategies for building Facebook Messenger into your business
· How to create a simple Messenger bot in as little as five minutes without leaving Facebook!

Join Dylan as he discusses a monumental shift in the way businesses and consumers communicate.

Dylan Sellberg
Associate Product Manager, HubSpot
12:45 - 14:00
Luncheon / Interaction with Sponsors and Exhibitors
14:00 - 14:45
Social Media Automations: Save Time, Get More Successful Lead Generation

Tim Flint, Owner, Flint Analytics


Social media is increasingly becoming a pay to play market. If you want to generate leads through Facebook or Instagram, you need to use ads to go along with your normal social efforts. But where do you start? And how do you reach the right people while staying within your budget and time constraints? The answer: Facebook and Instagram ad automation.

In this session we’ll break down the complexity of ad automations so you can start on your first automated campaign. You’ll learn:
● The five Facebook and Instagram ads every multifamily complex should use
● How to set up and automate your targeting so you target the right people without blowing your budget
● How to build ad automations and integrate them with your PMS so you spend less time on ad creation and management
● How to use your ads to improve customer relationships and push prospects further down the sales funnel
● What works and what to avoid with Facebook and Instagram ads

Tim Flint
Owner, Flint Analytics
14:45 - 15:30
Everyday Behavioral Science for Better Conversion Optimization

Brian Massey, Conversion Scientist, Conversion Science

The days of “Launch and See” campaigns are behind us. When behavioral data was expensive and time-consuming,
this approach was justified. Today, you can answer almost any question you have about a campaign right from your desk, before you launch.

Brian Massey will show you how to integrate behavioral science into your daily campaign development with specific
tools and techniques. These are the proven strategies that have made Conversion Sciences successful as an optimization

Attendees will learn:
• Why it valuable behavioral data has become abundant
• That they are wired with to use behavioral science
• The easiest and most cost-effective tools available
• How to do pre-launch and post-launch optimization on social campaigns

Brian Massey
Conversion Scientist, Conversion Science
15:45 - 16:15
Networking Break with Exhibitors and Sponsors
16:15 - 16:45
Fight Organic Decline with Animated Content (on a budget)

Emily Sarecky, Senior Engagement Strategist, MTC

Go on Facebook and scroll down your newsfeed, chances are more than half of the content you’re looking at is video. But as we know, video content is expensive to produce! So how do brands with small to mid-size budgets compete in a social media world that is so video focused?

In this session, brands and marketers will learn how introducing animated content will increase social reach and engagement with minimal production. We’ll discuss what defines animated content, what content works best in animated form, the cadence of which to produce and how to measure success. We will take a look at real-life examples of how brands with small to mid-size budgets produced engaging content.

Emily Sarecky
Senior Engagement Strategist, MTC
16:45 - 17:30
How Social Media is The New Customer Care

Afif Khoury, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SOCi

Today’s social media landscape has given a proverbial bullhorn to anyone and everyone that wants to share their opinion. What this means is that if companies want to succeed and actually grow their business, they need to not only be taking part in the conversation, but helping to guide it. In this session, Afif will walk you through the crucial strategies you need to deploy to not only attract new customers, but also retain and delight them and build your network of brand advocates.

What we’ll be discussing:
How to find and join conversations about your brand/business that matter most
When to take the customer service conversations offline
How to be proactive in nurturing customer relationships across social media

Afif Khoury
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SOCi
17:15 - 06:30
Networking Reception at the Meritage Resort
08:00 - 12:30
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08:00 - 09:00
Breakfast with Exhibitors and Sponsors
09:00 - 09:45
Keynote: Social Media Strategy for Success

Beverly Jackson, Vice President, Social Media and Content Strategy, MGM Resorts International

Beverly leads the digital content marketing team at MGM Resorts International. Prior to working for MGM Resorts International, she contributed to consistent double-digit growth of the GRAMMY Awards, including record-breaking broadcast, digital and social engagement numbers for the 54th GRAMMY Awards in 2012. Beverly is clearly a social business executive extraordinaire who leads the social business strategy at MGM International and can share a some of recent social media success stories and strategies.

Beverly Jackson
Vice President, Social Media and Content Strategy, MGM Resorts International
09:45 - 10:30
Social Media: A Travel Industry Perspective

Tom Cintorino, Executive Vice President, Northstar Travel Group

In the travel industry, success in social media requires a conflicting combination of creativity, logic, personality, and analytics. There is also a dizzying array of new technology opportunities that can feel cumbersome if not harnessed correctly and efficiently with ways to measure outcomes.

In this presentation, you will get an inside look at the creation, implementation, and success of specific social media programs being executed for business to consumer and B2B travel industry marketing. Key topics and takeaways include:

• The importance of voice and content
• Why you don’t need big technology investments
• Successful social media case studies
• What talent you need
• Conversion and measurement

Executive Vice President, Northstar Travel Group
10:30 - 11:00
Networking Break with Exhibitors and Sponsors
11:00 - 11:45
Working with Social Influencers in Today’s Communication Landscape

Marty Martinez, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Social Revolt

We are now witness to the opportunities that brands can unlock when partnering with the right influencers, but how can brands build a rapport with their communities in a genuinely engaging way without risk of diluting their message?

If one thing is true in the digital media landscape, consumers are developing banner blindness, becoming numb to traditional marketing tactics and tuning out intrusive messaging all together. Brands, however, have learned to maneuver strategically through these fragmented marketing channels and are finding success. One of the ways brands are winning is by leveraging authentic voices their customers already admire and trust. These Influencers are helping brands build credibility faster, retain attention longer, and offer value in new and exciting ways. That is, of course, if done right.

Audience takeaways:
-Evolution of Influencer Marketing
-What today’s Influencer Marketing landscape is like (where are the influencers, who are they, etc.)
-How does Influencer Marketing support other traditional Advertising, Marketing and PR efforts
-Best Practices in working with Influencers
-How to build in Influencer Marketing practice vs. one-off campaigns and the benefits

Marty Martinez
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Social Revolt
11:45 - 12:30
Social Media and Digital Marketing In the Age of Relevance

Jon Silver, Digital Director, Golin NY

Social Media and digital marketing is changing quickly. This session, presented to many of the top brands in the world, identifies five driving forces behind the digital marketing landscape that will shape it for some time to come. Using examples from top brands like RedBull, Starbucks and more, this session will be an eye opener on the future of digital and brand marketing.

From this presentation you’ll learn:
· What the driving forces are behind the changes in social media and digital marketing
· How to make your brand more relevant in a cluttered marketing landscape
· What futuristic technologies will soon become commonplace (and expected)

Jon Silver
Digital Director, Golin NY
12:30 - 12:45
Closing Remarks and Announcements

Adam Japko, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Esteem Media

Adam Japko
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Esteem Media
12:00 - 18:00
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14:00 - 15:30
Workshop #1 – Leveraging Ephemeral Social Media: Creating Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat Content That Keep Viewers Engaged.

Erica Campbell Byrum, Assistant Vice President, Social Media,® 

Visual social media platforms are a great way to market your brand and reach new audiences. From Instagram and Facebook to Snapchat, this workshop covers the key things you need to know about visual social media marketing, how to develop strong visual ideas and connect with influencers on behalf of your brand. Led by Erica Campbell Byrum, Assistant Vice President of Social Media for ForRent and Co-Author of “Youtility for Real Estate”, this pre-conference workshop is ideal for apartment professionals looking to take advantage of new digital platforms. You’ll leave with the confidence to start or improve your visual social media strategy, and lots of ideas for creative content to share with your audience.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a realistic and successful visual social media strategy for your business
  • Take advantage of new features released across the major visual social media platforms
  • Develop creative visual marketing content that humanizes your brand
  • Reach target audiences and attract followers
  • Use creative takeovers as an integral part of your influencer strategy
  • Use visual social media channels for your brand if you’re a one-person team
  • Write compelling content that encourages your followers to participate in a group discussion, contest, or campaign
  • Share your organization’s behind-the-scenes content
Assistant Vice President, Social Media,®
16:00 - 16:45
Workshop #2: “Do Good” on Social: Building Brand Trust

Kristin Van Ramshorst, Social Media Specialist, Yardi 


Communicating your corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and values via social media is a powerful way to show your commitment to the communities you serve. It also builds brand loyalty and trust by engaging with your residents and employees on the issues that matter to them. Residents and employees increasingly desire to engage with companies that share their deeply held values of social responsibility. When properly executed and shared, CSR and values-based initiatives can do a great deal more for the beneficiaries, the community and your company than simply writing a check. Learn how sharing your values on social media can create opportunities for increased brand trust, awareness and engagement. In this session, you will:
• Learn best practices for boosting engagement using social media to communicate your values and CSR initiatives
• Explore real examples of how your peers are successfully sharing CSR initiatives on social media
• Work a tangible action plan for your company

Kristin Van Ramshorst
Social Media Specialist, Yardi
16:45 - 17:30
Workshop #3- Social Media Video Advertising, In Just 6 Seconds – A Masterclass

Christina Singleton, Vice President, Show My Property TV 
Eric Clark, Vice President, Marketing and Training, The Bainbridge Companies 

What has the world come to? Sensory overload is now a daily occurrence in the west. Companies are scrambling to grab the attention of consumers over their competitors. In this interactive masterclass, you will delve into the world of video advertising and how to grasp the attention of your potential residents. Six second ads are creeping into digital marketing. We will explore this daunting, industry necessity and understand how to tackle it for your apartments. You will walk away inspired, comfortable and full of ideas to integrate into your social media marketing.

Key takeaways:
● How to create a successful 6 second ad
● When to post 6 second ads
● Unique ideas of how to create a campaign
● Storytelling throughout a series of 6 second ads

Christina Singleton
Vice President, Show My Property TV
Eric Clark
Vice President, Marketing and Training, The Bainbridge Companies
17:30 - 18:30
Welcome Reception at the Meritage Resort
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