2020 Slides


Erica Byrum – How to Create “Thumb-Stopping” Social Media Content PART 1


Erica Byrum – How to Create “Thumb-Stopping” Social Media Content PART 2


Kandrac and Kole – How to Make Instagram-able Moments – Perspectives from Two Interior Designers


Martin Canchola – Why Google My Business Should Be at the Forefront of Any Social Strategy


Annette Smith – Instagram Stories: How to Tell a Better Story


Ryan Davis & Danny Bowen – Targeted Social Advertising in the Age of Privacy



Andrew Davis – Keynote: The Curiosity Factor


Dylan Sellberg – Think like a Product Manager to Supercharge your Multifamily Social Media Marketing


Shawn McGahee – Key Consumer Behaviors and Trends in Social Marketing According to Google


Hope Horner – Maximizing Resources: Creating Budget-Friendly Marketing Videos Yourself


Kelley Shannon & Esther Bonardi – Insights with Impact: Social Media Strategies for 2020


Will Ferguson – Social Media Ads: How to Stand Out in a Crowd


Ryan Brown – Experience Matters: Integrating Experiential Content Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Afif Khoury – Top Social Media Trends of 2020 and Leveraging Them for Multifamily Businesses



Andy Crestodina – Building Better Mousetraps: A Content-Driven Approach to Conversion Optimization


Erin Cell – How to Outsmart the Algorithms & Use Analytics for Ultimate Success on Instagram


Laura Pence Atencio – How to Create Winning Facebook and Instagram Video Ads