Multifamily Social Media Summit

About the Conference

Why This Event Is Unique

Join multifamily industry executives, regional management executives, owners, developers, asset managers, marketing professionals, and social media specialists for the Multifamily Social Media Summit – the premier conference and event for industry executives highlighting the benefits of social media and content marketing in building and enhancing your business. The Multifamily Social Media Summit is the only event specifically developed for property management firms and focused on retaining and attracting new residents by leveraging social media and content marketing.

Past Conference Photo

The sessions will include a mix of business and technical topics for senior executives which discuss how to integrate social media for an effective overall marketing strategy. The content will be less focused on the needs of individual practitioners of blogging and social media, but more focused on understanding these technologies, using them effectively to help attract and retain residents, measuring the ROI of the programs, selecting the right personnel to implement these programs, and developing a strategy and managing these technologies on an ongoing basis.

Why Attend

  • Learn from Social Media Marketing experts with presentations customized specifically for the apartment industry.
  • Delve into case studies and best practices focused on outside the multifamily community.
  • Explore how to create and enhance your company’s social media and Internet presence.
  • Obtain tools to understand your audience, continuously improve your strategy, and drive better results.
  • Find out how to build and engage your audience with information on multiple platforms, using a variety of business models and marketing channels.
  • Gain insights from the industry thought leaders in the social media stratosphere.
  • Discover the new trends, products, and services for social media marketing.
  • Share a glass of wine or two with the most accomplished social media marketing gurus in an unhurried and relaxing setting far from the distractions of your office.
  • Maximize your opportunity to connect with the next generation of your business.

The program will feature case studies and panels of industry experts to give practical examples of how social media and content marketing can benefit property management firms.

Topics from last year's program included the following:
  • The Live Video Revolution: How the Multifamily Market Can Build Relationships and Get More Business with Live Video
  • How to REALLY Amplify Your Online Presence: The 3-for-1 Social Media Strategy
  • Simplifying Social Data: How to Measure and Maximize Your Results on Social Media
  • Using the Content Marketing Pyramid, to Generate MORE….with Less
  • Shaping Your Social Strategy for Success in 2020
  • Facebook For Business Then and Now
  • Driving Customer Centricity in Multifamily Marketing
  • How to Deliver Awesome Social Engagement and Customer Service
  • Today’s Online Renter Study – 2017

Who Should Attend

The conference program is designed for senior- and mid-level executives in property management companies which include the following:
  • Multifamily Industry Executives and Managers
  • Regional Management Executives and Managers
  • Owners
  • Developers
  • Asset Managers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Social Media Specialists