Multifamily Social Media Summit

2017 Speakers

Joel Comm Photo
Keynote: Joel Comm
Author, Speaker, Brand Influencer, and Futurist

Joel Comm is the New York Times best-selling author of 12 books, including The AdSense Code, Click Here to Order: Stories from the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs, KaChing: How to Run an Online Business that Pays and Pays and Twitter Power 2.0. He has also written over 40 ebooks. He has appeared in The New York Times, on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, on CNN online, on Fox News, and many other places.

As a public and motivational speaker, Joel speaks on a variety of business and entrepreneurial topics. He presents a step-by-step playbook on how to use social media as a leveraging tool to expand the reach of your brand, increase your customer base, and create fierce brand loyalty for your business. Joel is also able to speak with authority on the various ways to harness the marketing power of mobile applications to explode profits. He offers an inspiring yet down-to-earth call to action for those who dream of obtaining growth and financial success. As someone who went from having only 87 cents in his bank account to creating mutiple successful businesses, Joel is uniquely poised to instruct and inspire when it comes to using the various forms of new media as avenues towards the greater goal of business success.

Joel has been building online businesses since 1995. His first website was amongst the first 18000 sites in the world, and his efforts have brought experience in creating and selling websites, licensing content, affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, blogging, podcasting, online video creation, social media marketing, joint ventures, mobile app creation and marketing, authoring books, public speaking, conducting live training events and more. Joel hosted and produced the world’s first competitive Internet reality show, The Next Internet Millionaire. He also created a #1 best-selling iPhone application which became one of the most talked about novelty iPhone apps of all time. Joel is always exploring new methods of leveraging his expertise and technology to educate, inspire and entertain others.

Snapchat: @joelcomm
Thoryn Stephens Photo
Keynote: Thoryn Stephens
Chief Digital Officer
Formerly of American Apparel, Fox Networks, and Amgen

Thoryn is a marketing and analytics professional with expertise in complex data problem solving, data architecture, consumer insights, testing/ personalization/recommendations and systems development. He has been responsible for growth and strategic development within companies such as American Apparel, Fox Networks (Fox Broadcasting, FX Networks and Fox Sports) and Amgen.
Sue Zimmerman Photo
Sue B. Zimmerman is the #instagramexpert, creator of the online Instagram course “Ready Set Gram”. She’s a popular CreativeLive instructor, powerful speaker on prominent stages like Social Media Marketing World and highly sought after business coach. She’s passionate about teaching business owners and marketing professionals how to easily leverage the power of Instagram to get tangible business results. As a serial entrepreneur, Sue B. has 30 years of business experience, including SueB.Do, Boxer Rebellion and Sue B. Zimmerman Enterprise. With her extensive knowledge of social media it’s Sue B.’s mission to teach, mentor and empower others to be highly successful entrepreneurs.
Julie Halsey Photo
Julie Halsey
Director of Digital Marketing, CWS Apartment Homes

Julie’s professional career is diverse and encompasses a wide range of expertise from Sales and Marketing to New Business Development and Property Operations. She’s a hybrid in the Real Estate industry from the vantage point that she has expertise and a proven track record in a wide range of functional areas. Julie strives to create authentic and genuine professional relationships. She understands that every business interaction, no matter how big or small, is an opportunity to create meaningful and profitable exchanges. Above all things, she places a strong emphasis on operating with the highest ethical standards.
Adam Japko Photo
Adam Japko
Founder & CEO, Esteem Media

Leading up to founding Esteem Media and its managing investor role in New England Home Magazine, LLC., Adam served as President of DigitalSherpa, a high growth SMB social media and internet discovery business offering content, social media, reputation management, local listings, lead generation, web business intelligence, and other internet marketing programs. The company served over 4,000 SMBs. These experiences, along with the success of his wine blog, WineZag, reaffirmed a deep belief that community engagement, quality content, and in-person networking are lethal tools for transforming brands and businesses in meaningful ways.

Prior to DigitalSherpa, Adam lead the creation of the largest network of regional luxury shelter media properties for Network Communications, Inc (NCI). While President there, he acquired or launched all of the properties that now make up Esteem Media, Inc.’s portfolio.

Earlier, Japko spent 14 years at PennWell Corporation, a privately held business-to-business information provider serving the global Technology, Energy, and Municipal Services markets as President and Chief Operating Officer of the Advanced Technology Division and member of the company’s board of directors. His background in the publishing, online, and event management industry also includes management positions at Media Networks, Inc. a 3M Company specializing in local networks of national magazines including Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, and Business Week, Sunday Magazine Network, and various B2B media companies including BMT, Gralla, and Miller Freeman (United Newspapers).
Adam continues as an active member of the wine industry’s social media landscape through his award winning blog; WineZag. In 1979 Japko received a BA in Journalism from New York University.
Afif Khoury Photo
Afif Khoury, Founder and CEO of SOCi, Inc., has been at the forefront of technology for 20 years. From his early contribution to the Human Genome Project, a career as a high tech M&A attorney, a manager of two successful Venture Capital funds and Founder & CEO of two successful startups, Afif has made a career out of following the data.
Matt McCallister Photo
Matt McAllister is a lifelong marketer and advertiser with an expertise in modern digital storytelling. He’s the Director of Strategy for a startup advertising agency called Agency FIFTY3. He’s worked with over 40 commercial real estate clients all over the country showing them how they can stand above the noise by utilizing digital distribution tools to support creative storytelling that competes with the best brands in the world. Matt works with clients on the importance of combining creative with data based distribution by writing and executing creative concepts and getting them seen by the right people in the right places.

Prior to helping start Agency FIFTY3, Matt built the new brand platform for a real estate development company based in Austin, TX called Aspen Heights. He was responsible for national marketing campaigns and managing the launch of each new brand that Aspen Heights introduced to their portfolio. He currently lives and works in Denver, CO.
Laurie Meacham Photo
Laurie Meacham
Leader of the Social Media and Customer Commitment Team, JetBlue Airways

Laurie leads JetBlue’s Social Media and Customer Commitment teams. She was instrumental in creating the Social Media Support team, over six years ago. At that time, JetBlue became one of the first brands to have a full customer support-based team dedicated to support across social media channels. Laurie continues to work cross-collaboratively with the Corporate Communications and Marketing teams to develop and evolve a social strategy that includes supporting campaigns and promotions, protecting the JetBlue brand, providing around-the-clock monitoring and providing engaging and real-time customer service. Laurie lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband, their two children and a tiny dog.
Nicole Mintiens Photo
Nicole Mintiens
Data Analysis and Insights Manager, G5

Nicole spent the last decade immersed in SMM, PPC, SEO, and CRO. As the Data Analysis & Insights Manager at G5, she now leverages data to provide actionable insights into how websites actually work. Her methods enhance the marketing results of over 1700 multifamily properties nationwide. When not adding acronyms to her bio, Nicole enjoys podcasts, losing her mind about bad advertising, watching her fiance present at marketing conferences and beating him at Jeopardy.
Joe Nolan Photo
Joe Nolan is an entrepreneur and business owner with nearly 15 years experience building and scaling sales and marketing operations. Joe has been trusted by the largest clients in telecommunications, retail and renewable energy for his expertise on how to market and sell to consumers and small businesses. Joe’s team-building experience has centered around culture creation, recruiting, developing leadership and of course, driving sales results. With a passion for coaching and strategic planning, Joe spends most of his time mentoring business owners across the country and helping clients scale sales operations.
Michelle Van Otten Photo
Michelle Van Otten is founder and lead business strategist for Profit Ventures, LLC in Silicon Valley. PV works with early stage technology companies to build the right foundation from the start that fuels significant business growth. Known for her passionate obsession for evolving tech brands through purpose-driven business strategy and branding and marketing solutions that help companies acquire and convert more customers into loyal raving fans.

She brings master level training and experience in neuroscience applied to branding, marketing and product development that hooks, captivates and builds consistent engagement. Her ability to understand people at a level they don’t even understand themselves stems from her ability to tap into deep human needs and the way we utilize and leverage the subconscious and conscious minds in day to day relating and decision making.

With a focus on the customer first, Michelle and team innovate extraordinary customer experiences that transform companies into becoming the very best in category. She’s co-founded and helped develop and successfully launch dozens of products/services, crafted expert positioning for countless startups to have success in marketing or obtaining capital investments. Her client list includes some of Silicon Valley’s most influential CEOs and tech startups, top Fortune brands across many different industries, and top tier consulting and marketing firms who work with her when they seek their next level.

Everything she does is because of her drive to help entrepreneurialism to thrive and serve companies in becoming highly profitable, influential brands that solve real problems while making an impact on the betterment of the world.

Collector of extraordinary humans, creative comedian, challenger of the status quo, woman for all things tech, a bit obsessed with branding & marketing, lover of fine dark chocolate, voracious reader, rescuer of Pitbulls, seeker of all things fun and adventure, eco-living and sustainable design enthusiast, world traveler, 100% real.
Corey Padveen Photo
Corey Padveen is the Director of Global Social Business Strategy at t2 Marketing International, and Google AdWords Certified, Google Analytics Certified, as well as a Certified Inbound Marketer. He is also one of the founding theorists on the concepts of Social Equity and Responsive Branding, as well as a keynote speaker featured at marketing and digital business summits around the world. On the personal side, he loves cooking, making wine and, as all good Canadians, is a big hockey fan.
Jen Piccotti Photo
Jen Piccotti
Senior Vice President of Education and Marketing, SatisFacts and

Jen enjoys decoding customer feedback and translating data into actionable improvements. A nationally recognized speaker and writer, she provides cutting edge data on topics including customer and employee engagement, online reputation management, and creating a culture of responsiveness. Jen has spoken at events such as the NAA Education Conference, NAAEI, AIM, and the Multifamily Social Media Summit.
Dylan Sellberg Photo
Dylan Sellberg is an Implementation Specialist at HubSpot in Cambridge, MA. Dylan started his first business at age 11 and has been learning ever since. His day-to-day includes helping HubSpot customers implement software and adopt the inbound marketing methodology. At night, he attends business courses at Harvard. Prior to HubSpot, Dylan spent time at Catalina, managing accounts for Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson.